Waters launches new small molecule mass spectrometer

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

March 10, 2021 -- Waters has released its new time-of-flight mass spectrometer, the Acquity RDa Detector, for small molecule analysis.

The Acquity RDa Detector features SmartMS technology that enables user to identify analytes more accurately and evaluates outcomes with end-to-end workflows for routine applications. The RDa Detector reduces the extent of training, limits downtime, and ensures consistent, reproducible results, according to the company.

The Acquity RDa Detector featuring SmartMS technology.
The Acquity RDa Detector featuring SmartMS technology. Image courtesy of Waters.

The new equipment is optimized for small molecule applications such as impurity analysis, forced degradation studies, lipid screening, natural products profiling, food contaminant analysis, seized and controlled drug profiling, and general accurate mass measurements. The system operates on waters_connect, an open software platform that provides a complete audit trail for acquisition, processing, and reporting of data.

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