BioLife Solutions invests in cell and gene therapy products

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

December 1, 2020 -- BioLife Solutions, a supplier of cell and gene therapy bioproduction tools, along with innovation accelerator partner Casdin Capital, have invested in iVexSol and PanThera CryoSolutions.

BioLife invested $1 million and Casdin invested $4 million in a $15.2 million series A financing round of iVexSol, a vector manufacturing company founded on a proprietary next-generation, stable lentiviral vector production process.

In addition, BioLife and Casdin also have each agreed to invest $1 million in privately held PanThera CryoSolutions, a Canadian startup developing next-generation cryopreservation solutions incorporating ice recrystallization inhibitor intellectual property. BioLife plans to execute a development and license agreement with PanThera, under which BioLife will make milestone development payments up to $2 million over the next two years in exchange for exclusive, perpetual, worldwide marketing and distribution rights to the technology for use in cell and gene therapy applications.

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