BioVaxys' COVID-19 vaccine shows positive early results

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

November 11, 2020 -- BioVaxys Technology has announced its SARS-CoV-2 vaccine had a 96.4% positive antibody immune response, according to results from a preclinical animal study.

Charles River Laboratories, which contracted with BioVaxys, evaluated the antivirus immune response elicited by BVX-0320 by measuring the development of antibodies to the protein that binds the virus to human cells. Two injections of BVX-0320 along with the immunological adjuvant QS21 were given to 28 mice at four dosage levels. At week six, 96.4% developed positive antibody responses. Mice that received the QS21 adjuvant without BVX-0320 developed no antibody responses.

The companies are continuing to collect experimental data to determine the antibody levels induced by each dose of the vaccine and measure T-cell responses. Results are anticipated next month. Upon completion, BioVaxys plans to pursue regulatory approval for a phase I study of BVX-0320 in humans.

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