By Stephen Vizcarra

We at The Science Advisory recognize the importance brands hold to our scientists. There are a variety of ways we can measure the value of a brand name. We have found that our members are loyal to brands that they have successes with and perceive as high quality. Furthermore, how recognizable the brand name is, and the special attributes the branded product contains are of great importance as well. We wanted to delve deep into the plasticware space and find out what brands came to mind when asked about lab plasticware for cell culture and liquid handling and storage.

The fact of the matter is that no scientist can afford either the time or the money to evaluate every plasticware product on the market. Choices have to be made. And when he or she wishes to purchase, again choices have to be made. In short, for the scientist, “All vendors are equal. But some vendors are a great deal more equal than others!” Or as we would say, some companies have more brand equity than others.

The term “brand equity” refers to the premium a company can charge for a product with a widely recognized name even when compared to an equivalent product manufactured under the same conditions.

Here are the brands that were top-of-mind for liquid handling and storage:

What do you think? Are these brands the ones that work best for your research? Let us know in the comments below!

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11/14/2018 3:47:59 PM
this is almost completely uninformative. the graphic of the companies includes unreadable portions. at the very least it should have included a readable list of companies ranked by number of respondents who named them.

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