Roche automates next-gen sequencing sample prep

By Andre Rickard, The Science Advisory Board contributing writer

December 14, 2021 -- Roche announced the launch of the Avenio Edge System, a core component of Roche's strategy to advance sequencing technologies. The system is built on Roche's foundational capabilities to deliver a fully automated, integrated sequencing solution.

Avenio Edge is a preanalytical platform for sequencing library preparation, target enrichment, and quantification steps that deliver integrated, end-to-end control with reliable, consistent, high-quality results, according to the firm.

Next-generation sequencing samples are delicate, and every step of sample preparation has the potential to impact results. The Avenio Edge System's high reproducibility and low error rate can support a laboratory's goal of reducing the number of rejected samples that otherwise might have to be recollected.

The system features ready-to-use components in addition to customizable workflow parameters, making it a scalable, cost-efficient solution for sequencing laboratories seeking high performance and agility. This Avenio Edge System has demonstrated a more than a 96% lower error opportunity and an 84% reduction in hands-on time. In addition, Avenio Edge has a setup to initiation time of 20 minutes.

The Avenio Edge System will be available at select locations worldwide with timelines that vary by country.

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