Parse Biosciences raises $41.5M for single-cell sequencing products

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

February 16, 2022 -- Parse Biosciences has obtained $41.5 million in series B funding, bringing its total funding to date to over $50 million. Parse Biosciences is focused on providing scalable single-cell sequencing solutions.

The funding will expand the commercialization of Parse's Evercode Whole Transcriptome products, which allow researchers to profile cells at various levels of scale and then tailor to suit their unique experiment needs. Evercode leverages a patented technique of combinatorial barcoding that improves sample resolution, increases transcript sensitivity, and simplifies workflow, the company said.

Parse's product portfolio includes the Evercode Whole Transcriptome Mega, which can profile up to 1 million cells in parallel, and the Evercode Whole Transcriptome Mini, a kit used to profile up to 10,000 cells in parallel for studies of smaller scale. Parse will expand the Evercode platform beyond transcriptomics, enabling researchers to elevate single-cell multiomic measurements to an unprecedented scale.

The company's new products will support the following applications:

  • Immune profiling that will allow researchers to combine gene expression and receptor profiling
  • Chromatin profiling that will provide valuable insights into cell-specific gene regulatory mechanisms, allowing for a greater understanding of the epigenome
  • High-throughput CRISPR screens that will enable monitoring of changes in gene expression based on genetic modulation in single cells
  • Targeted gene panels that will enrich a subset of specific genes relevant to researchers, allowing for more scalable studies while maintaining reasonable sequencing costs
  • Additional sensitivity of Evercode Whole Transcriptome kits, leading to a dramatic increase in transcript and gene detection

The series B round was co-led by Marshall Wace and Janus Henderson Investors. Soleus Capital, Logos Capital, and Bioeconomy Capital also participated in the round.

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