Halo Labs launches next-gen instruments for therapeutic developers

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

January 17, 2022 -- Halo Labs has launched its latest products, the Aura PTx that analyzes degraded excipients in protein therapeutics, and Aura+, an all-in-one drug product quality tool for monoclonal antibody and cell and gene therapy.

The Aura+ and Aura PTx are next-generation analytical instruments that combine backgrounded membrane imaging and fluorescence membrane microscopy. Backgrounded membrane imaging uses sophisticated image processing techniques to analyze images and acquire particle data. When backgrounded membrane imaging and fluorescence membrane microscopy are integrated, the techniques can identify what exactly is in drug formulations, according to the firm.

Aura PTx can be implemented to easily and accurately detect excipient degradation, while Aura+ can be used to ensure the safety, stability, and efficacy of advanced therapies.

Halo Labs releases gene therapy quality analysis instrument
Halo Labs has launched Aura GT, a next-generation instrument that can correlate capsid aggregation with DNA leakage or empty and full capsids.
Halo Labs launches Aura CL for cell therapy quality analysis
Halo Labs has launched Aura CL, a next-generation instrument to measure cell therapy product quality.
Halo Labs launches protein identification instrument
Life science instrumentation company Halo Labs has launched Aura, an aggregate and particle identification system.

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