Oncolytics reports results of immuno-oncolytic virus with CAR T therapy

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

February 23, 2021 -- Oncolytics Biotech is reporting new data from a preclinical study where pelareorep, its proprietary immuno-oncolytic virus and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell combination therapy for solid tumors, vastly improved outcomes compared to the use of an oncolytic vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) to weaken tumors.

Pelareorep is a nonpathogenic, proprietary isolate of the unmodified reovirus. The product induces selective tumor lysis and promotes an inflamed tumor phenotype through innate and adaptive immune responses to treat a variety of cancers, according to the firm.

The published results, developed in collaboration with researchers from the Mayo Clinic and Duke University, show that loading CAR T-cells with pelareorep improved the persistence and efficacy of CAR T-cells in mouse models. The efficacy was further boosted with a single intravenous dose of pelareorep, which generated highly persistent CAR T-cells and inhibited recurrent tumor growth.

The company is exploring further development of pelareorep as an enabling technology for CAR T-cells and additional immunotherapies that require immune effector cell infiltration in solid tumors.

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