PerkinElmer introduces no-wash immunoassay for mitophagy dysfunction

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

October 27, 2020 -- PerkinElmer has debuted a no-wash ubiquitin phosphorylation at serine 65 immunoassay for studying defective mitophagy dysfunction associated with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

Designed to help scientists discover new therapeutic candidates earlier in the disease cycle, the Cisbio HTRF Phospho-Ubiquitin (Ser65) Cellular Kit makes use of time-resolved fluorescence energy transfer (TR-FRET) technology and provides a "mix and read" approach, according to the company.

The immunoassay is compatible with microplate readers such as the firm's Victor Nivo or EnVision systems. Analysis can be automated and run in high-throughput formats, according to PerkinElmer.

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