ImmunoPrecise subsidiary expands B cell Select platform

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

September 22, 2020 -- IPA Europe, a subsidiary of ImmunoPrecise Antibodies, has expanded its foundational B cell Select platform for seamless integration into ImmunoPrecise's optimization and antibody developability profiling workflow.

With substantial investments, IPA Europe developed a second-generation platform that enables multispecies, target-interaction-based single B cell selection technology and subsequent single cell cloning for accelerated identification of comprehensive panels of diverse lead therapeutic antibodies.

The B cell Select platform enables interrogation of isolated B cells to analyze full organism antibody repertoires. The species independent platform can develop a range of antibodies, including any protein class, complex therapeutic target, post-translation modifications, and small molecules. The system generates monoclonal antibodies for B cell selection to accelerate the rate of the antibody discovery process.

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