Thermo Fisher launches new electron microscope

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

February 19, 2021 -- Thermo Fisher Scientific has unveiled its new Helios 5 PXL Wafer DualBeam, a plasma-focused ion beam scanning electron microscope (PFIB SEM). The microscope can reduce time-to-data from days to hours for inline through-stack metrology and verify high-aspect ratio structures, the firm said.

The microscope has high-resolution, high-contrast imaging, and large-area sample deprocessing, diagonal milling, and cross-sectioning of 3D semiconductor devices. Helios F PXL Wafer DualBeam supports whole-wafer analysis and automates delayering, milling, and metrology in the fab, Thermo Fisher said.

Thermo Scientific
Thermo Scientific's Helios 5 PXL Wafer DualBeam microscope. Image courtesy of Thermo Scientific.

Helios 5 PXL enables full inline metrology and process monitoring for advanced process control compliant with latest 300-mm fab communication protocols and standards. Users can measure and verify features within complex vertical stacks and high-aspect ratio structures.

Other benefits of the Helios 5 PLX include the following:

  • Optimized planar deprocessing for high sensitivity materials and surface quality preservation
  • Deprocessing of advanced metallization layers through proprietary chemistries
  • Site-specific preparation of large-area lamellae
  • Full coverage of 300 wafer handling
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