Mammoth raises $195M for CRISPR products

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

September 9, 2021 -- Mammoth Biosciences has raised $195 million in financing that will enable the company to broaden its toolkit of next-generation CRISPR systems.

The company's CRISPR platform leverages novel Cas enzymes, which have unique properties that can be used to create CRISPR-based therapeutics and diagnostics for a range of diseases, the company said.

Mammoth said it will focus on Cas14 and Casɸ. These families are the smallest known CRISPR systems.

Foresite Capital, Senator Investment Group, Sixth Street, Greenspring Associates, Mayfield, Decheng Capital, NFX, Plum Alley, and others participated in the financing round. In 2020, Mammoth raised $45 million in a round of financing that included participation by Amazon.

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