Brooklyn licenses mRNA cell reprogramming platform

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

April 29, 2021 -- Brooklyn ImmunoTherapeutics has acquired an exclusive license for messenger RNA (mRNA) gene editing and cell therapies technology from Factor Bioscience and Novellus Therapeutics as an exercise of a previously announced option.

The license includes the use of a patented mRNA cell reprogramming platform that can be used to produce both allogeneic and autologous cells. The technology can also be used in combination with mRNA-based gene editing, along with a gene editing protein, to eliminate off-target effects.

The deal includes a license for the proprietary TorRNAdo lipid delivery system that provides efficient delivery of mRNA ex vivo and in vivo to skin, brain, eye, and lung tissues.

"This mRNA gene editing technology has the potential to be disruptive given its high efficiency and relatively low manufacturing costs," said Dr. Howard Federoff, PhD, chief executive officer and president of Brooklyn.

The company plans to initiate preclinical development programs for sickle cell anemia, other inherited monogenic disorders, and solid and liquid tumors with the goal of filing an investigational new drug (IND) application for at least one of the disorders by 2024.

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