Waters launches Acquity Premier LC solution

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

February 10, 2021 -- Waters has launched Acquity Premier, a next-generation liquid chromatography (LC) solution featuring MaxPeak high-performance surface technology.

The Waters Acquity Premier solution
The Waters Acquity Premier solution. Image courtesy of Waters.

Acquity Premier is a universal liquid chromatography solution that combines the Acquity Premier system with Acquity Premier columns. It is designed to alleviate problems with analyte/metal surface interactions when analyzing organic acids, organophosphates, oligonucleotides, phosphopeptides, acidic glycans, and phospholipids by reversed-phase and hydrophilic interaction chromatography, the firm said.

The Acquity Premier columns feature MaxPeak high-performance surface technology, which forms a barrier between samples and the metal surface of the system and the column. The technology mitigates, or entirely eliminates, nonspecific adsorption.

The solution cuts analysis times and improves analyte recovery as well as assay-to-assay reproducibility. The Acquity Premier system and Acquity Premier columns are both available for purchase worldwide from Waters.

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