LifeEdit Therapeutics joins ElevateBio's gene editing portfolio

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

November 17, 2020 -- Cell and gene therapy accelerator ElevateBio has added LifeEdit Therapeutics to the company's portfolio of therapeutic, technology, and manufacturing firms.

LifeEdit will leverage its genome editing platform, derived from AgBiomes's proprietary microbial Genesis discovery platform, to internally develop cell and gene therapies that strengthen the company's genome editing enzymes platform. Using the platform, the company will continue to develop its array of novel RNA-guided nucleases and base editors that are active in mammalian cells.

AgBiome will retain rights to gene editing in agriculture, animal health, and diagnostics.

LifeEdit will also provide gene editing expertise to strategic partners within ElevateBio's portfolio of companies.

The new LifeEdit Therapeutics executive team include the following:

  • Mitchell Finer, PhD, CEO (also president of ElevateBio BaseCamp)
  • Tedd Elich, PhD, chief scientific officer
  • Kareem Reda, chief operating officer (also chief business officer of ElevateBio)
  • Clare Murray, vice president, head of corporate development and strategy
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