Congenica launches COVID-19 genomic analysis module

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

September 22, 2020 -- Digital health company Congenica has launched a new module for its genomics analysis platform that will accelerate research into the relationship between an individual's genomic variation and COVID-19 susceptibility, severity, and clinical outcomes.

By applying the most recent research and expertise, the company has curated genes that have high-confidence relationships with coronavirus infection and replication progression and subsequent immune response and severity. The COVID-19 module is available within the company's genomic analysis software platform. It will allow researchers to focus on analysis of host genetics that underpin COVID-19 infection using a high-quality set of relevant genes.

The module will also allow scientists to prioritize variants in curated genes using COVID-19 related human phenotype ontology terms such as loss of smell or dry cough and to include information about viral strain or treatment regimen.

Congenica software is used as an exclusive rare disease clinical decision support platform throughout the U.K. National Health Service. Internationally the software is used by private and public hospitals and laboratories to reduce interpretation costs.

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