Nanoform, Aprecia collaborate on nanoparticle-enabled 3D printing

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

April 21, 2021 -- Nanoform Finland and Aprecia are collaborating in the field of nanoparticle-enabled 3D printing to find synergies that seeks to provide customers and the pharmaceutical industry with new capabilities.

The immediate target of the collaboration is to combine Nanoform's fast dissolution nanoformed particles with Aprecia's ZipDose technology platform for rapid disintegration to enable high-performance buccal and oral delivery of medicines with rapid absorption profiles. Additional benefits of this combination are lower dosage products, less excipient content, and reduced pill burden, the firms said.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the power of small for rapid drug absorption, potentially bypassing the first-pass metabolism via a novel dosage form such as buccal delivery with Aprecia's 3DP technology platforms," said Edward Hæggström, PhD, chief executive officer of Nanoform.

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