Cellect to develop stem cell therapy for COVID-19

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

May 18, 2020 -- Cellect Biotechnology has inked an agreement with international collaborators to develop a stem cell therapy for COVID-19 disease.

Under the agreement, the company will investigate the therapeutic effects of ApoGraft-treated stem cells to reduce pulmonary manifestations of COVID-19. ApoGraft has been used in clinical trials with graft versus host disease and mesenchymal stem cells; its anti-graft versus host disease effects may be able to address cytokine storms seen in COVID-19 patients as well as other medical conditions like CAR-T cell adverse effects, according to the firm.

The agreement allows for the firm to leverage its ApoGraft clinical data and regulatory approvals to expedite the cytokine storm therapy for COVID-19 as well as CAR-T related cytokine storm conditions. The firm has completed the technology and material transfer and is currently conducting preclinical studies related to COVID-19.

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