Avantor and Cytovance enter into plasmid manufacturing agreement

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

May 11, 2022 -- Avantor and Cytovance Biologics have entered into an agreement to advance the manufacturing of plasmids. This agreement will combine Avantor’s expertise in providing cell and gene therapy materials with Cytovance’s plasmid DNA manufacturing capabilities.

The partnership is intended to expand customer access to plasmid DNA, which is essential for many gene therapies and mRNA vaccines or therapeutics that utilize viral vector technology. Specifically, this agreement will advance the development of good manufacturing practice (GMP) grade plasmids for use in research, clinical testing, or therapeutic purposes.

The companies pooling their resources together through this collaboration also enables efficient and readily available scale up of these plasmids in the manufacturing process to more quickly bring them to the biopharma and contract development manufacturing organizations that seek to harness these technologies.

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