TransCode Therapeutics expands global RNA oncology patent

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

February 15, 2022 -- TransCode Therapeutics has filed an international patent cooperation treaty (PCT) application (PCT/US21/65580) titled "Template Directed Immunomodulation for Cancer Therapy." This is an extension of TransCode's patented RNA therapeutic platform to include using pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) to target tumor cells by activating the retinoic acid-inducible gene I signaling pathway.

According to TransCode, the selected PRR-activating oligonucleotide encounters a microRNA specific to that tumor, activating a type I interferon-driven immune response, leading to programmed tumor cell death.

The filing directly supports TransCode's goals of deploying the right therapy for individual cancer patients. TransCode is actively pursuing intellectual property protection for additional components of its discovery engine built around its TTX delivery platform, it said.

The TTX platform comprises a hemodynamic and metabolic tumor-targeting delivery system suitable for deploying a variety of RNA therapeutic candidates, including RNA interference, PRRs, mRNA, gene repair/replacement, and radiolabeled therapeutics.

TransCode Therapeutics is an RNA oncology company committed to defeating cancer using RNA therapeutics.

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