Truebinding licenses gene-editing platform from Horizon Discovery

By Samantha Black, PhD, The Science Advisory Board editor in chief

July 29, 2020 -- TrueBinding has signed a set of commercial licenses for the use of Horizon Discovery's current good manufacturing practice-compliant Chosource platform.

TrueBinding will use the platform to develop and commercialize multiple biotherapeutic products with applications in immuno-oncology and other disease areas.

The Chosource platform consists of a gene-editing glutamine synthetase (GS) knockout Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) K1 cell line. The platform generates high protein expression stable cell lines that will support TrueBinding's antibody drug development efforts. The system is established and recognized by regulators as suitable for high-yield biomanufacturing.

To date, the Chosource system -- including GS knockout CHO K1 cell line, a comprehensive package of supporting documentation, and an expression vector -- has been licensed to over 80 organizations globally.

Horizon Discovery accelerates CRISPR gene editing workflows
Horizon Discovery Group has introduced a new stably expressing Cas9 cell line for knockout experiments and a dCas9-VPR cell line for gene activation experiments.

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