Halo Labs launches protein identification instrument

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 25, 2020 -- Life science instrumentation company Halo Labs has launched Aura, an aggregate and particle identification system.

Aura enables fluorescence membrane microscopy to identify proteins and nonproteins. Users can also add a second fluorescence channel in order to detect lipids and other drug- and process-specific particles.

The Aura system.
The Aura system. Image courtesy of Halo Labs.

Aura expands upon Halo Labs' Horizon background membrane imaging platform, which can count, size, and image subvisible aggregates and particles. Users can utilize both platforms to perform better biologic stability analysis, the company noted.

High-throughput analysis speeds downstream process development
Adding high-throughput analysis helped speed up downstream process development for drug candidates based on monoclonal antibodies, according to a case...

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