Elemental Machines connects machines to managers with lab automation

By Samantha Black, PhD, ScienceBoard editor in chief

September 21, 2021 -- The mission of Elemental Machines is to automate life science laboratories with technology that includes hardware, software, and artificial intelligence (AI). The company, the third startup launched by Sridhar Iyengar, PhD, is part of the inaugural BioTools Innovator program. We spoke with Iyengar, founder and CEO, as part of our coverage of the competition.

Elemental Machines delivers turnkey sensors and real-time data monitoring that laboratories can use to build data infrastructures. Products don't change industries, Iyengar said, but infrastructure does.

The industry doesn't usually invest in infrastructure, yet it is required to move the needle forward in many cases. Therefore, Elemental Machines is trying to build products that connect machines, instruments, data, facilities, and the environment.

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Iyengar, who has a doctorate in biochemistry, explained that he started Elemental Machines to solve his own problems he encountered with his first startup, which involved manufacturing medical devices. Iyengar explained that he had difficulty obtaining data from factory devices precloud computing and storage that could be used to inform the production process. With Elemental Machines, Iyengar and his team have developed hardware, as well as cloud, data, and AI solutions that science-based companies can use to measure data, automate certain tasks, and make operational decisions.

Examples of what Elemental Machines manages include real-time altering and monitoring, asset management using a single Internet of Things system, utilization of data from equipment, and quality assurance/quality process checkpoint functions. The company has built custom solutions for lab managers, lab directors, and quality assurance professionals.

Elemental Machines is one of 10 semifinalists that have the chance to win $200,000 in cash prizes in the BioTools Innovator accelerator contest, with the list of semifinalists released in late July. All semifinalists are assigned a mentor and will complete a curated curriculum designed to help them secure additional funding and elevate their companies. The field will be narrowed to four companies in early October. The four finalists will present at a live finale on October 14, 2021, where the audience will help decide the winner.

Stay tuned and follow along as we get a behind-the-scenes look at these companies as they race toward the finish!

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