Cellares, Poseida partner on cell therapy manufacturing

By Melissa Busch, The Science Advisory Board contributing writer

July 14, 2021 -- Poseida Therapeutics has joined Cellares' Early Access Partnership Program (EAPP) to accelerate cell therapy manufacturing. The collaboration is expected to provide insight into CAR T workflows as well as other technologies.

Poseida follows the lead of PACT Pharma and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, both of which have already partnered with Cellares to advance a closed, automated, and scalable cell therapy manufacturing system.

Under the partnership, Poseida will provide insight into autologous and allogeneic CAR T workflows, as well as programs that include T-cell receptor engineering, genetically modified NK cells, and other cell therapy manufacturing workflows.

The EAPP was established in 2020 to provide participants with visibility and early access to Cellares' Cell Shuttle, a cell therapy manufacturing platform enabling closed, automated, and scalable production of cell therapies.

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