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Hamilton and Artel collaborate

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers
February 9, 2022

Hamilton and Artel's nearly complete collaboration has resulted in a packaged solution to standardize performance validation of Hamilton's automated liquid handlers. The packaged solution will reduce time and effort compared to assay-specific validation methods. Additionally, it will ensure highly consistent, accurate, and precise results and strengthen the ability to compare performance and results across all Hamilton automated liquid handlers, the companies said.

The solutions will be available for new and existing Microlab Star and Microlab Vantage automated liquid handlers. Furthermore, they are applicable for the vast majority of customer use cases.

Each of Hamilton's three compressed O-ring expansion (CO-RE) tips are tested within their respective volume ranges using the independent pipetting channels or the CO-RE 96 multiprobe head (MPH). Protocols specific to Hamilton's CO-RE 384 MPH, as well as the Microlab Nimbus and Microlab Prep automated liquid handlers, are in active development and will be available shortly.

No financial details of the collaboration were released.

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