Asylum, Covalent partner for industrial atomic force microscopy

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

May 15, 2020 -- Oxford Instruments Asylum Research and Covalent Metrology Services have partnered to develop and promote commercial applications for atomic force microscopy.

The partnership will utilize Asylum's strengths in design and manufacturing of atomic force microscopy for academic and industrial applications, and Covalent's metrology and characterization capabilities.

The focus will be on nanoelectrical and nanomechanical characterization of materials, with an emphasis on the following applications:

  • Biological measurements, including structural and nanomechanical measurements of cells, proteins, bacteria, and other biological samples
  • Nanoelectrical measurements, including piezoresponse force microscopy, conductive atomic force microscopy, and scanning capacitance microscopy
  • Nanomechanical measurements, including viscoelastic mapping, indentation measurements for thin films and soft samples, and stiffness/modulus mapping in the kPa and GPa regime
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