Dotmatics provides Umicore with greater data processing capabilities

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

May 18, 2022 -- Umicore Corporate Research and Development has selected Dotmatics as an informatics partner to facilitate its digitalization project. This partnership will involve the introduction of Dotmatics’ R&D platforms and electronic laboratory notebooks into Umicore’s processes.

Dotmatics will provide Umicore scientists with expanded data harnessing via simplified information technology systems. This data standardization intends to complement Umicore's services in providing solutions in the fields of materials science, chemistry, and metallurgy, while strengthening the product development process.

Through Dotmatics' configurable workflows, researchers will have greater access to scientific and operational data generated from experiments, from design to execution. Additionally, this information will be organized in an experiment management system for easily traceable and accessible data that can be applied to various R&D innovations. Dotmatics' will also empower Umicore's scientists with rapid data sharing and knowledge reuse through streamlined workflows.

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