Beckman Coulter debuts liquid handling system

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 30, 2022 -- Beckman Coulter Life Sciences launched the Biomek NGenius liquid handling system, which automates manual library construction and reagent transfers to free up technicians and researchers to focus on other tasks.

The product combines the optical analytics of Dynamic DeckOptix technology and a head-up display to guide users with real-time feedback on guided labware placement. This ensures correct deck loading before automatically advancing to the next step and checks for capped reagent vials, incorrect sample input reaction vessels, misplaced or unremoved plate covers, as well as missing thermal cycling pads.

In addition, the software navigation dial allows users to select a batch and begin to process from four to 24 samples. The Biomek NGenius system has an integrated thermal cycler, labware transport, and reagent aliquoting. Its proprietary software enables batch setup and system monitoring remotely from a user's Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge-enabled computer.

Biomek NGenius system's selective tip type ensures the right tip for the right volume without manual intervention, using both 96- and 384-configured tips, the firm said. The temperature-controlled reagent storage lets users run end-to-end chemistries and protect reagents from thermal degradation and potential waste.

Prior to Biomek NGenius system's launch, Integrated DNA Technologies, Invitae, Illumina, and AmoyDX signed application development agreements that allowed the development of applications specifically designed for the liquid handler. The applications will be available to all users via an electronic application plug-and-play library and is designed to evolve with changing lab needs, Beckman Coulter said.

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