Arranta Bio adds new manufacturing facility
March 8, 2021 -- Arranta Bio is adding a 130,000-sq-ft facility in Boxborough, MA, to complement its facilities in Watertown, MA, and Gainesville, FL, bringing its total manufacturing capacity to over 130,000 sq ft. Read More
Cytovance offers licenses for plasmid DNA tech
March 8, 2021 -- Contract development and manufacturing organization Cytovance Biologics is offering a new licensing opportunity for gene therapy plasmid DNA manufacturing. Read More
New gene therapy platform shows potential against certain muscle diseases
September 10, 2021 -- Scientists have engineered a new family of adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) to deliver therapeutic genes to muscle tissue at 100 to 250 times lower doses than previous AAV vectors, potentially reducing the risk of liver damage and other serious side effects, according to a new study published in Cell on September 9. Read More
NIH branch institute launches consortium for pancreatic research
September 10, 2021 -- As part of the Impact of Genomic Variation on Function Consortium, researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine will receive $6.4 million in grant funding to study how external signals and genetic variations influence the behavior of insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Read More
ElevateBio nabs $535M to advance CGT technologies
March 15, 2021 -- ElevateBio has raised $535 million in financing to advance its cell and gene therapy (CGT) technology platforms, build its network of process development and good manufacturing practice manufacturing capacity, and increase its number of industry partnerships. Read More
Altimmune touts data on intranasal COVID-19 vaccine candidate
March 15, 2021 -- Altimmune is highlighting data from a clinical study of AdCOVID, the company's single-dose, intranasal COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Read More
Vernal Biosciences launches as mRNA manufacturer
July 12, 2021 -- Vernal Biosciences has launched as a new mRNA manufacturer, supported by a round of seed funding led by Alloy Therapeutics. Read More
ProfoundBio nabs $55M to advance ADC portfolio
July 12, 2021 -- Oncology biotherapeutics company ProfoundBio has secured $55 million in funding that it plans to use to further develop its antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) portfolio, which includes a number of solid tumor-targeting candidates. Read More
Caribou nabs $115M to advance CRISPR-edited cell therapies
March 3, 2021 -- Caribou Biosciences has completed $115 million in financing to further develop its next-generation CRISPR technology platform and advance its pipeline of allogeneic immune cell therapies for oncology. Read More
AGC Biologics expands Milan manufacturing facilities
March 3, 2021 -- AGC Biologics said its plans to expand its cell and gene therapy center of excellence in Milan to increase and implement viral vector suspension capabilities. Read More
Intravacc completes process development for CVB vaccine candidate
January 19, 2021 -- Contract development and manufacturing organization Intravacc reported that it has completed the process development and manufacturing of a polyvalent inactivated coxsackievirus B (CVB) vaccine for its client Provention Bio in less than 36 months. Read More
MIT researchers use natural language processing to analyze viral evolution
January 18, 2021 -- In a breakthrough that could guide the development of targeted vaccines, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers used natural language processing methods lifted from the field of computational linguistics to analyze the viral protein sequence data of influenza A, HIV, and SARS-CoV-2 to identify regions within the genomes of those viruses that are most vulnerable to mutation. The results were published in a new study in Science on January 15. Read More
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