Akoya welcomes founding members of Imaging Innovators Network
Akoya Biosciences has selected the founding members of its new Imaging Innovators Network. Read More
Filling a gap so biotech startups can advance to the next level
In the biotechnology industry, there is a need for capital among companies that are already commercial and have products with demonstrated success but that might not yet be profitable. BroadOak Capital fills the gap for biotech companies between venture capital and private equity, according to partner Bill Snider who spoke with ScienceBoard.net. Read More
Polaris Biology launches a new mass cytometer
Polaris Biology has released a new mass cytometry system called Starion. The cytometer allows for analysis of more than 40 parameters at a single-cell resolution. Read More
10x Genomics opens Singapore manufacturing facility
10x Genomics has opened a manufacturing and commercial facility in Singapore, expanding its reach into the Asia-Pacific region. The facility is the company's first outside of the U.S. Read More
New platform identifies best viral vectors for gene therapy
Researchers have developed a novel computational platform that identifies the best viral vector to deliver a gene therapy to its target. The technology, described October 19 in eLife, promises to speed development of adeno-associated virus-mediated gene therapies against vision loss and other disorders. Read More
PerkinElmer, Honeycomb launch single-cell isolation and analysis tool
PerkinElmer and Honeycomb Biotechnologies have launched a new single-cell isolation and analysis tool called Hive scRNAseq. Read More
IsoPlexis raises $125M in IPO
IsoPlexis completed an initial public offering (IPO) on October 12, closing with $125 million on the sale of approximately 8.3 million shares at $15 per share. Read More
Scientists create atlas of mouse brain regions down to single cells
An atlas of the mouse cerebrum and primary motor cortex down to the level of single cells was published in a pair of papers on October 6 in Nature. The research reveals the mammalian brain's organization at an unprecedented level of detail and sheds new light on gene regulatory factors, promising to inform future work on developing targeted therapies for human diseases. Read More
Nanoscale sequencer detects 2 cancer-linked RNA base modifications simultaneously
Using a new nanoscale sequencer, a research group has sequenced a microRNA that is a marker for refractory gastrointestinal cancer. The novel method can detect two types of chemical base modifications simultaneously, according to a study published on September 29 in Scientific Reports. Read More
NanoCellect raises $35M for new development
NanoCellect Biomedical has raised $35 million this year in funding rounds to accelerate the company's commercial growth plans and new product development goals. Read More
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