Kite to manufacture CAR T-cell therapy in Europe
Gilead subsidiary Kite has received approval from the European Medicine Agency for end-to-end manufacturing of individualized cell therapies at its European facility. Read More
Cell-Easy gets approval to manufacture stem cells
Toulouse-based startup Cell-Easy has been approved to open a private stem cell manufacturing plant in France. Read More
SwiftScale speeds up the manufacture of COVID-19 antibodies
SwiftScale Biologics said it has used its rapid biologics manufacturing platform to manufacture a COVID-19 neutralizing antibody candidate at clinical scale. Read More
KromaTiD launches new genome assay
KromaTiD announced the launch of its new product, dGH In-Site, a single-cell, high-resolution, genome-wide DNA insert tracking assay. Read More
Innovent, Roche partner on cell therapies, bispecific antibodies
Innovent Biologics has entered into a research and development collaboration with Roche for multiple cell therapies and bispecific antibodies. Read More
Bio-Techne releases product for manufacturing
Bio-Techne has released GMP ProDots Proteins to support cell and gene therapy manufacturing workflows. The product will allow manufacturers to safely add proteins such as growth factors and cytokines to therapeutic cell cultures. Read More
Healios advances stem cell research line
Biotechnology company Healios has successfully established a proprietary universal donor cell research line and has characterized the line's gene expression. Read More
Sloan Kettering, Hackensack form immunology collaboration
Memorial Sloan Kettering and Hackensack Meridian Health have formed an immunology research collaboration to support cancer immunotherapy research. Read More
Spell-check gene editing corrects hearing loss in mice
Using a new genetic engineering technique called base editing, researchers restored genetic hearing loss in mice with a recessive point mutation. The research was published by a group from Boston Children's Hospital, the Broad Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Harvard University in Science Translational Medicine on June 3. Read More
Avectas, UCD partner on cell engineering
Avectas and the Simon Laboratory at UC Davis, California (UCD) will work together on cell-engineering technology. Read More
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